Together we create a pathway for untapped tech talent

FIND’s Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program was created to bridge the professional development skills gap and create access to tech industries through a holistic educational model where underrepresented high school juniors and seniors learn entry level skills in design, coding, IT and job-ready soft skills

Through the two-year intensive program, young adult’s graduate with an entry level skill set in design thinking (creative problem-solving) graphic design (Adobe Creative Cloud), coding (HTML, CSS, and Java Script), and IT (Microsoft Technology Associate Certification & CompTIA Certification). These hard skill sets are also supplemented with job-ready soft skills such as networking, resume building, interviewing, and everyday leadership training. Utilizing these skill sets, they develop a portfolio of work which they can use to further their career/education. Providing access to young adults that will enable them to develop the skills needed to confidently step into the workforce and earn thriving wages

*All IT certifications and college credits are accredited through Salt Lake Community College and Utah State University Eastern

*The individual Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications the students will receive are the Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, and Windows Server Admin Certifications.

Young Adult CAREER Pathway

Duration: 2 Years

Next Cohort: August 2019

Location: West Jordan & Price


January/February of each year, young adults are invited to apply for the program. We interview each applicant to assess their potential and fit for the program. In order to provide access to each individual student, we work to address any barriers they may have from entering the program.

Junior Year: Technology Pathway

We begin the program with a focus on developing technical skills using Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), coding software, financial literacy, project literacy, public speaking, and team building. Students will complete a basic design module in Adobe CC as well as a 12-month success plan.

During this year, the program also focuses on personal and professional development through career exploration, civic engagement, resume & portfolio building, presenting to clients and networking.

Senior Year: Earn and Learn

Once the students gain a firm grasp on their technical skills, we turn our focus to setting goals, getting certified, working with startup incubators and gaining apprenticeships.

Bonus: Field trips!

Students will end this phase of the program with a professional portfolio and final project. Their portfolios will be showcased by the students to industry professionals at an end of year review to demonstrate their proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud and Javascript, CSS, HTML. For their final projects, students will propose solutions to real world social justice issues within their communities.

After completing the official FIND program, youth will receive guidance for scholarship application, career placement and startup incubation.

West Jordan Location