Our partners open the door for our students who are interested in exploring STEAM careers. Whether it is volunteering to be a guest speaker or becoming an internship/apprenticeship pathway partner, these experiences give our students insight or access into job opportunities in the tech industry while helping them build a professional network.

FIND is seeking volunteers to educate, inspire, and mentor our students throughout our two-year STEAM Pathways Program. You could be a role model for the next generation of STEAM professionals. Do you remember your own journey from adolescence to young adulthood? Do you remember the people who were there for you? Who helped guide and support you? To the youth who come through our program, you could be that person. You can actively support our students as they work toward becoming young professionals as they are learning skills in coding, design, professional development, grit/resilience, and how to promote equity and social justice in the workplace.


Host a Career Immersive Field Trip

Want to show our students what a job in tech looks like?

On Mondays, throughout the school year, we love to take our students to tour local tech companies to see what a day in the life of someone working in tech looks like. FutureINDesign students will visit partner’s office to learn about what they do (opportunity for Q & A), receive a tour of the office, and interact through fun and educational activities or workshops with the employees of the partner company to learn about their journeys and what they do.

Be a Guest Speaker

Do you have a great story about how you broke into tech?

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.” -Brene Brown

On Mondays, throughout the school year, we invite guest speakers to come in and share their stories with our students. We love giving our students the opportunity to hear from a diverse group of individuals who show that there are many ways to break into the tech field and allow them to see diversity and hear from individuals they can identify with on different levels.

Teach a Workshop

Want to share your skills?

Do you know what skills tech companies and employers are looking for? Do you have experience in sales, marketing, networking, public speaking, etc? We love to have a diverse group of people help our students explore the expansive tech universe and learn about the possibilities that are out there and available to them. Come in and help our students prepare to be a part of today’s workforce! Help give them tips on how to become a successful employees. All job related tips are welcome. Share your expertise to help our students learn how to thrive in today’s evolving workforce!

On-Going In-Class Volunteer

Have skills in Coding or Design?

We love having an extra set of hands in the classroom to guide our students from instruction to application. We invite groups or individual volunteers to come in as on-going in-class volunteers to help guide our students through the FIND curriculum.


Do you have a basic knowledge in coding including CSS, JavaScript, and HTML? You can come in once/twice a week to support students in class by sharing your knowledge and expertise!


Do you have a basic knowledge of design thinking, graphic design and a basic proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign? You can pair up with a student and critique their work virtually!

Multi-Subject Tutor

Have skills in Tutoring High School Subjects?

We are in need of high school tutors to ensure our students’ success in school and our program. You will come in once or twice a week and assist students with basic high school proficiency in subjects like Biology, Physics, English, etc. You will help students as they complete homework assignments and prepare for upcoming tests and assignments. You will be a necessary source of academic support for our students!