What is FIND?

FutureINDesign (FIND) is a 501(c)3 STEAM career development program for marginalized young adults. Our mission is to narrow the digital literacy gap in Utah through immersive training in key technology and life skills, thereby reducing constrains of intergenerational poverty, and creating a pipeline of talent for Utah's growing tech workforce. 

The FIND program improves the lives of the students, creates a larger local workforce, helps to reduce crime and improves our neighborhoods and communities.  


What makes FIND different?

Marginalized youth are at risk of repeating inter-generational lifestyles that keep them in poverty with few options to succeed. With a rapidly growing tech market in Utah that is providing large opportunities for employment, our goal is to bring technology to the margins of society to strengthen that link. Here are a few things that make us unique.

  • Technology in the Margins - Our approach to solving cycles of poverty.

  • Training by Professionals - Local partners that are tech and design professionals will work one-on-one with students.

  • Real World Experience - We give youth the opportunity to learn in actual work environments of our partners. This gives students a chance to learn how to work in professional environments while allowing them to build resumes and portfolios that they can use when entering the workforce.

  • School Credit and Stipends - Students of FIND will not only gain an education, but they will be able to receive school credit and earn stipends on completion of the program.



Create a better future

FIND works best when we work together. If your business would like to provide training and/or real-world experience for these young adults, please email us. Your support not only benefits the youth, but gives your business access to fresh talent and extra helping hands. Additionally, as a donation of your time and resources, you'll enjoy the tax breaks that come with building a better community.



Donate to the future

100% of every donation goes directly to student tuition, FIND operations and youth stipends. $200 pays for one week of one student's tuition. The program runs for a total of 9 weeks for a total of $1,800. Our total goal for each semester is $27,000 to cover the tuition of 15 students. Our next semester begins May 2019. Here are a few ways to help us meet our goal:

  1. Donate! Any amount you are able to give makes a world of difference! Trust us, we aren't picky and neither are the students.

  2. Amazon Smile is a simple way this holiday season to support FIND at no cost to you! Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible items sold to the charity of your choice! Click the link to start shopping for a cause.

No matter how you participate, we're happy to have you with us to shape the future these students and our community.