Nicholina Womack

Founder and CEO

In 2016, Nicholina founded FIND. She has led the vision and development of the organization every step of the way. As part of former Salt Lake County Mayor Corroon’s administration, she designed and implemented the first Salt Lake County government-sponsored after-school program, which is now a legislative supported initiative.

Nicholina is a lifelong learner and seeker of social justice. She has dedicated 20 years to adolescent programming development in the non-profit, public and education sectors. Her successes required her to align people, organizations, and resources in order to foster a continuing impact within the communities where she worked.  

"I am passionate about developing strategic programs that equip community entities in building robust (and/or transformational) access to resources for marginalized groups. "

Graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Sociology.


Timothy Hunt

Chief Financial Officer

Tim leads the financial endeavors at FIND. While completing his MBA, he took first place in statewide and international business plan competitions netting $65,000 in cash. He is a former tactical intelligence officer for the U.S. Army. Tim is currently the CTO of WhatLanguage and is responsible for the design and development of Unify: The Translation Management Cloud. He brings 30 years of industry experience to the position with 16 years in software development management.

Graduate of the University of Utah with a Masters in Business Administration.


Brett Smith

Creative Director

Brett helps to define and to create the organizational vision of FIND. He is a Senior Art Director at R&R Partners and interested in all things design. Brett dabbles in about every discipline of design, except fashion.

Graduate of Utah State University with a BFA in Visual Communication.


Shannah Johnson

Data Steward

Shannah statistically tracks the success of the innovative FIND model and develops quantitative ways to track long term and short term outcomes. Recently started her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Western Governors University. She is a second year math teacher at Itineris Early College High School.

Graduated of the University of Utah with a BS in Mathematics in Education.


Sarah Abraham

Business Development Officer

Sarah has a key role  in the business development of FIND. She aids in the grant writing, fundraising, development of strategic corporate partnerships and in the planning of FIND’s expansion. She has experience in writing, education, and working with underserved youth. She was selected by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah to be their Rookie Big Sister of the Year in 2017 for her work with her Little Sister. She is passionate about the arts, providing access, and establishing successful pathways that empower youth to overcome the societal barriers they are faced with. She enjoys experiences that involve hands-on artistic expression, traveling, photography, and nature.

Graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in Psychology and Western Governors University with a Masters in Business Administration.


Jennifer Tayco

Grant Administrator

Jennifer manages the research and applications for corporate, federal, state, private grant opportunities that apply to the mission and goals of FIND. She develops FIND’s grant strategy, writes and submits grant applications, in addition to maintaining compliance/reporting for awarded grants. Jennifer has spent years volunteering with young people from various backgrounds and believes it’s critical to provide opportunities for everyone to reach their potential.

Graduate of the  Arizona State University with an MS in Technical Communication.


Kristine You

Administrative Assistant

Kristine helps in the website development and administrative tasks. She was a student in FIND’s first cohort during her senior year of high school and participates as a member of the Youth Board. She is pursuing her degree in Architecture at the University of Utah where she participates on the Diversity Action Committee. She recently earned an externship with a local architecture firm.

“With the skills I gained in leadership, public speaking, and a renewed sense of confidence I am now going into my second semester as an Architecture Major, and I have used the tools that I gained from FIND all along the way.”


Heather Jorgensen

Program Director

Heather leads the development of the industry-led curriculum and program pathway at FIND. She is a full-time teacher with over twenty years in education and curriculum development. She loves asking students to imagine new ways of thinking about the world and their place in it.

Heather holds a Ph.D from the Department of Education, Culture, & Society at the University of Utah, College of Education, in literacy and social justice.

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Jaeyoon (Jae) Hwang

Program Coordinator, West Jordan Program

Jae develops and teaches the soft skills curriculum for the young adult program in West Jordan, Utah. Jae also arranges professional development and networking opportunities for students and helps in the development of corporate partnerships. She is a Korean American from Queens, New York. Jae has worked with youth for years and feels an obligation to help young people prepare for the future.

“My passion is to guide our students by giving them the experience and knowledge needed to reach their full potential.”

Graduate of Brigham Young University - Hawaii with a Bachelors in Social Work.


Alex Moya

Design Instructor, West Jordan Program

Alex is a design instructor for the Young Adult STEM Pathway Program where he teaches his students about the real world application of design thinking, the foundations of design and how to use Adobe Creative Cloud. He aids in the development of the industry-lead FIND curriculum. His practice as designer, artist, and educator is informed by his immigrant experience (he moved from Mexico when he was 15 looking for a better life). He has years of experience working in HIV prevention, sex education, and community organizing through the Utah AIDS Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Through his art and design, he reflects on the role of visual culture in shaping how we see and understand each other's humanity and dignity.

Graduate of the University of Utah with a BFA in Sculpture/Intermedia and Vermont College of Fine Arts with an MFA in Graphic Design.


Kathy Tran

Design Instructor, West Jordan Program

Kathy is a design instructor for the Young Adult STEM Pathway Program where she provides design instruction and aids in the development of the design curriculum and supports the FIND program through her design efforts. She has designed and facilitated educational programs for healthcare professionals and higher education. She co-founded the University of Utah’s first student run on-campus Makerspace for creative students. Kathy has also worked at University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare bringing design thinking into the healthcare space.Through these experiences, she mentors and designs lesson plans for her students in the FIND program. In her free time, she studies foreign languages and rock climbs.

Graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science in Multi-Disciplinary Design.


Oran Stainbrook

Design Instructor, Price Program

Oran is a design instructor for the Young Adult STEM Pathway Program where he teaches students about design and its role in the community. He is a designer-builder-artist whose passion and life's work resides at the intersection of architectural and landscape design and construction, community building, and public art. He enjoys facilitating participatory design and creative collaboration processes that empower groups of people to come together to claim and shape the public spaces around them. A lifelong student and educator, he also loves to engage with and support the local youth on their paths to becoming leaders and citizen designers in their own communities.

Oran is currently working to redevelop an old commercial building in a small, rural Utah community into a cooperative live-work space for artists and a hub for rural revitalization. You can follow his work on IG @r.ecollab.

Graduate of Portland State University with a BS Architecture.


Steven Lowe

Coding Instructor, Price Program

Steven is a Coding Instructor for the Young Adult STEM Pathway Program where his role is to convince his students that they are computer wizards. His teaching style revolves around posing a question and directing his students in how they can go about finding the answers through the use of technology. Thus, providing them with the skills to apply to real life problem solving. He has years of experience in tech support and with the BSA as a District Executive, where he worked with youth and volunteers. He currently also teaches at Pinnacle Canyon Academy.

(He is also known as Steven The Great from East Carbon)

Graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science in Adventure and Outdoor Planning (Experiential Education).


Janae Pettit

Director of Manufacture Training in Price

Janae uses her creativity, design research, problem-solving, and product experience to develop and teach and develop the Manufacture Training curriculum for FIND. She is passionate about improving the future by teaching the younger generations life skills, raising awareness about social justice, and promoting environmentally friendly products.

“When I'm not creating something with my hands, you'll find me stand up paddle boarding, camping with my family, or hosting dinner for family and friends.”

Graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Industrial Design.


Brenda Addley

Manufacture Training Program Coordinator

Brenda aids in the development and organization of the Manufacture Training Program, where she helps to teach soft skills and helps students gain professional traits to be successful community members. She is passionate about helping others and aiding them in their journey to gain empowerment and realize their full potential. She served as the chaplain at Rocky Mountain Hospice where she obtained a sense of compassion for others and helping them find peace. She is a co-founder of a non profit organization, The Community Clothing Closet, which gives out donated clothing to the community for free so that those in the community who are struggling financially can feel empowered to use their limited income instead on essential necessities.

“FIND has provide me the opportunity to help those within my community to move out of poverty, gain confidence, and obtain a new sense of self.”

Graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors in Social Work.