Where is Isabel Juliao-Martin, a founding FINDer, now?

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“I remember when I first heard about FutureINDesign (FIND). Even though I graduated from a performing arts high school, it still interested me, with no prior knowledge in design or coding. In 2017, I joined the first pilot cohort of FIND. I was so excited to be a part of it. I was about seven months graduated from high school at the time and left without any direction. I had already taken a semester of college and failed the only class I was taking. I had been working a retail job and had been recently let go, so FIND was really all I had.

With it being the pilot cohort, we knew going into it, it wasn't going to be the smoothest experience. We knew that we essentially were test subjects for something that would be much grander in the future, but there was never a time where I thought to myself, "I don't want to do this anymore." I saw so much value in what this could potentially be. I was learning much more than I realized at the time. I am so glad that I stuck with it.

By the end of the cohort, it was so exciting to know we were leaving the program in better shape than we found it. I left with a desire to learn more. After getting a glimpse of what tech jobs were like I wanted in, more than I had originally expected.

Through the help of FIND, I was able to attend DevPoint Labs, a three month coding bootcamp, on a scholarship to earn a web development certificate from the University of Utah. Shortly after, I started my own game design project where I am the director, head developer and writer. I have recruited a team of 18 developers. I also am the social media manager for a travel agency and recently got promoted to work as a project manager to develop their website and database using my programming skill set.

Thank you, FutureINDesign!”

-Isabel (Founding Member, 2017)