Kelsie Midence, newest intern at WFC Insurance Company


A huge congrats to our inspirational FINDer, Kelsie Midence, who is now doing Videography for WCF Insurance!

“I'm currently working at WCF Insurance company as a videography intern. It has been a huge blessing to work with such amazing people and to do what I love. Through FutureINDesign's Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program, I was exposed to WCF Insurance and gained the skills to prepare me for this opportunity. As a student in the Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program, I had the opportunity to participate in a videography Internship where I got to edit and film videos for FutureINDesign's social media platforms. In the beginning, I didn't think I was very good at videography and I was really embarrassed to show my work, but our Program Coordinator, Jae, and my friends and classmates in FIND helped me to overcome my insecurity. They always encouraged me, which helped me to believe that this was something I could do, and taught me to believe in my self. My vice principal informed me that WCF Insurance was hiring for a videography internship and he felt I would be a great candidate, so he connected me to them. WCF was interested in hiring a student from our Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program after coming to our community showcase and being blow away with the quality of our student's work. This was the best news ever! Through this experience and FutureINDesign, I learned the importance of networking. Shortly after, I interview for the position. The whole time I was thinking, "I'm going to do my best at going for this great opportunity, but they probably won't really hire me". Looking back now I know, if it weren't for the professional development and leadership skills I learned in FutureINDesign, I would have failed that interview miserably. A week after my interview, WCF reached out to me to let me know they were really impressed with my interview and all the skills I have developed at such a young age. Then, they hired me! Not many young adults my age can say they work for a company they love, with such amazing and talented people and most importantly get to do something they love doing. I owe it all to to this FutureINDesign's Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program. I would not be here if it weren't for what I learned in this program and connections I was able to make. I truly could not be happier.” - Kelsie Midence (FutureINDesign's West Jordan, Young Adult STEAM Pathways Program Graduate, 2019)