FIND has partnered with Blacksmith International to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Our first production facility located in Price, UT specializes in fabric goods manufacturing. Our goal is to create over 200 jobs by the year 2025 with this program, but we believe our approach will create more than jobs. The curriculum is designed to create a sustainable lifestyle to let people lift themselves out of poverty and achieve meaningful goals. Ultimately, it will create a community of people able to support one another as the local economy begins to thrive once again.

Program Details

The training program is available for anyone over the age of 18, regardless of personal history or background, living in Carbon or Emery County.

Location: Price

Duration: 10 Weeks

Next Training Session: Sept. 3


The training curriculum has 2 areas of focus: Personal/professional development (soft skills) and trade-skill education (hard skills). 

  • The soft skills training focuses on personal accountability, team-work, goal setting, resume development, and interview preparation.

  • The hard skills training focuses on understanding the characteristics of different fabrics and materials, learning terminology, and practicing on industrial machinery


  • Upon completion the participants are guaranteed a job interview with Blacksmith to be line operators, with opportunities for leadership and various positions for career growth.

  • After interviewing and being employed by Blacksmith, advanced training classes are available for career advancement, college credit, and leadership opportunities. Advanced courses include product design, entrepreneurship, and finance/accounting. 

Outdoor Product Design

& Development Center

Price, Utah


Price Location